Yingarna is the ancestor whose journey resulted in the creation of the bininj or Aboriginal people. Yingarna emerged from the Arafura Sea and journeyed inland. She had a large stomach containing many children and wore a headband from which many dilly bags were hung. Each dilly bag was full of yams. She met a spirit man called Wurrakkak who came from the sea in the west. After they parted she left spirit children there. Yingarna travelled to Coopers Creek and then on to the Alligator Rivers. As she travelled she left spirit children in particular places and instructed them to speak specific languages. She planted the yams from her dilly bags and told the spirit children they were good to eat. The spirit children became the bininj that have populated Arnhem Land for thousands of years.

56 × 38 cm | Acrylic on Arches Paper | Cat. no: 3790-21