Ngarradj (Sulphur Crested Cockatoo)

This piece was carved by Harold Goodman and painted by Irene Henry. Irene and Harold are partners that live at the Kakadu Outstation of Kapalga. Irene’s family are from Tiwi islands, which are represented through her artistic narrative of painting.

“My cousin brother, Sebastian, used to make bird’s. Roy’s dad used to make the Jabiru bird. Then Harold got the idea of doing Cockatoo. My Grandmother was an artist, my sister Aileen was an artist, so I’ve got it in my blood. Harold picked up carving really quick like Sebastian. Harold has to look at the tree first to see if it’s strong enough [for carving], you can tell when that stringy bark peels off, then you can see if it’s right to cut it and do carving.” – Irene Henry

60cm | Acrylic on Wood | Cat. no: 395-24

This artwork has been sold.