This earring is made from natural, local materials sourced from the Kakadu and Gunbalanya area. Weavers gather fresh young leaves from the pandanus palm using a hooked stick, then strip and dry them. The pandanus is then boiled up on the campfire with local plant dyes. The most common dyes include: Yellow-orange: Mandjurndum (the bright orange roots of the Pognolobus reticulatus bush) Brown: Wirdilwirdil (the red bulb of Haemadorum breviculae grass) Green: The growing shoot of the pandanus itself (Pandanus spiralis), boiled with the ashes of pandanus leaves. Purple-pink – Windilk (the seeds of the Haemodorum coccineum plant, related to Kangaroo Paw) Grey-Black – Manbedde (the leaves of the quinine bush, Petalostigma pubescens) Source: Louise Hamby (ed.) “Twined Together

5 cm | Postage Inc. | Cat. no: 461-20

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