Mook Mook (Owl)


Traditionally painted and carved on the Tiwi Islands, Larry and his family have grown up in Kakadu, but have chosen to paint through their Tiwi heritage, which is represented through these carvings. Mook Mook is colloquially known in many aboriginal languages as Owl, with varied dreaming stories of Owl spirits on different countries.

On the Tiwi Islands where Larry’s family is from, the Owl is called ‘Tjurukukuni’, who guided the forbidden lovers, ‘Wai-ai’ and ‘Taparra’ through the bush, and communicated as their messenger. It was through this act of infidelity that bought death to the world and Tiwi people. 

Larry and his family have grown up being surrounded by all kinds of birds, living at the Kakadu Outstation of Kapalga, known for its incredible bird filled floodplain. 

74 × 10 cm | Acrylic on Wood | Cat. no: 4817-21