Dird Djang (Moon Dreaming)


The subject matter of this bark is ‘Death’ and its connection to the conflict, as told in the ‘Dreaming’ stories, between the Moon and the Quoll about the fate of humanity.

According to local mythology, the Moon (Dird) is associated with the concept of mortality and rebirth and argued this point with his adversary, the spotted Quoll (Djabbo). Quoll believed that death was final, but they couldn’t agree so Moon proved his point by going up into the sky to where he dies and is reborn again every month. Quoll stayed on earth and died as we humans do, once and once only.

Throughout Western Arnhem land there are several Dird Djang, Moon Dreaming sites. One of these sites is at Yikarrakkal on the Mann River near Maningrida, another is in the Jawoyn country within Kakadu National Park.
Each of these sites share the common story of the argument between the Moon and Quoll. 

-Lorraine Kabbindi White, 2020

56 × 38 cm | Acrylic on Arches Paper | Cat. no: 5100-21