Jim Jim

Aysha Alderson’s work is representative of the environment she grew up in. Alderson, a Murumburr traditional owner of the Cooinda region in Kakadu, brings to light the river and weather systems that have been engrained in her through living on the land she’s looked after and been a part of for decades. The colours Alderson has chosen to work with are representative of the six seasons in Kakadu. In the wet season, known as Kudjewk (Dec-March), you can see the cooler colours exude through the paper, much like the warmer colours expressive of Yekke (May-June), layered with fine line work of topographical escarpment and river systems. Kakadu is world famous for its stunning ever-changing environment, taking shape in alternating rich and magnificent colours through the six varying seasons. 

15 × 13 cm | Ink on Paper | Cat. no: 625-21

This artwork has been sold.