Country to Couture Stone Country Collection Launch


Stone Country, brings together the work of over five artists from West Arnhem Land and Kakadu, representing their rich culture of over 65,000 years. Deriving from Bim (Rock Art), the West Arnhem Collection explores themes of spiritual and ancestral beings from all represented artists’ homelands and Djang (dreaming stories). Their chosen works all communicate traditional


Kakadu Bird Week

Ended Marrawuddi Arts

As part of this years Kakadu Bird week Marrawuddi will be hosting a display exhibiting Irene Henry and Harold Goodman’s cockatoos. Irene Henry and Harold Goodman are partners and master artists of bird sculptures, they both live at the Kakadu Outstation of Mamukala, a bird dreamscape. Irene’s family are from Tiwi islands, which are represented