In July 2021 saw Alicia Mardday accepted into 2021’s National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Awards for her incredible 3D weavings of backpacks.

“I used to make string bag first before, with the feather. My aunty, Ngal bulanj Nabegeyo, she taught me how to weave.

Maybe my kids give me idea, Anita. My kids really love the backpacks weavings. I look at the backpacks my kids have and try weave same pockets. I just used it from my own mind, I get the kala from my partners homeland.

I grew up, Namagardabo outstation. I met my partner Timothy out in Gunbalanya and moved there I moved there in 2001, when my first daughter was born, Anita. I learnt how to weave from my Aunty, Ngal bulanj Nabegeyo. I like going fishing with the kids, collecting pandanus and weaving. I like weaving lots of different things but mostly flowers and backpacks.”