Marrawuddi is owned and controlled by the Mirarr clan through their representative organisation the Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation (GAC).

The Mirarr are the Traditional Owners of parts of Kakadu and Western Arnhem Land as well as the town of Jabiru, the Ranger and Jabiluka uranium deposits and the Bowali visitors centre where the Marrawuddi is located.

The Mirarr established GAC in 1995 and for many years the organisation focussed on land rights and political advocacy, dedicated to protecting Mirarr land and lives from imposed uranium mining. In the years following the success of their campaign to stop the Jabiluka uranium mine the Mirarr have expanded the focus of GAC to include social, cultural, educational and other activities to enhance the lives of Mirarr and other Aboriginal people in Kakadu. Mirarr also maintain their focus on the Ranger uranium mine which continues to operate and impact on Mirarr land.

Profits from Marrawuddi are used to fund Gundjeihmi’s dynamic local initiatives including the DjidbiDjidbi Residential College which has seen a dramatic improvement in both school attendance and educational results for Mirarr students. Other GAC projects such as the Gunbang Action Group and the Djurrubu Rangers are engaging aboriginal people across Kakadu and providing culturally appropriate options for improved health and employment.