Wak Wak (Crow)


Wak is the language word for black crow in many Kakadu and West Arnhem language groups. It is also the name for a significant and sacred djang (dreaming) site in West Arnhem Land at a place called Kurruldul, specific to bininj (aboriginal people) of the Kurulk clan. Often when artists depict this djang, the rarrk (crosshatching) painted is representing ‘Djimarr’, the black crow that resides at Kurruldul. It is said that the ‘Djimarr’ took the form of a rock formation that now sits at the bottom of Kurrurldul creek. This design is sometimes used in sacred ceremonial practices in Arnhem Land, which is painted onto bodies, representing ‘Djimarr’. 

58 × 20cm | Acrylic on Arches Paper | Cat. no: 1947-23