Basket Story


Baskets are made from natural, locally sourced materials from the Kakadu/West Arnhem Region. Weavers gather fresh kunngobarn (pandanus), from the young leaves in the middle of the palm using a hooked stick called a manmarli, once harvested in large quantities. Kunggobarn is then striped into two, split into fine strands and dried. Once dried, the pandanus is then ready for dying.

The artist has incorporated industrial dyes and raffia in this Basket to create a contemporary aesthetic.

Once the pandanus is dyed with the above, the huge, timely process to weaving a basket can begin. Weaving and collecting is usually seen as ‘Women’s business’, as most always, it will be women harvesting and weaving. During weaving, time passes by over cups of tea, daluk (women) having a yarn and the ancient tradition of weaving that naturally gets passed onto wurdurd (children), surrounding daluk.

52 × 25 × 25 cm | Cat. no: 5162-21