Wirlarrk (Egg)


This artwork has depicted Wirlarrk (egg). Wirlarrk are commonly depicted in scenes where hunting for Man Me (bush food), is taking place. Commonly collected in dilly bags to be taken back to camp and boiled in pots for eating. Favourite Wirlarrk for eating are often from Ngalmangiyi (Long Neck Turtle), Kurdukadji (Emu) and Manimunak (Magpie Goose). 

Birridahkendongi nawu wirlarrk kore djabbilarna wanjh birrikinjeyi.

“They would put the eggs in a billycan and boil them.”

– (Narndal, Julie et. al. ‘Manme’, Oenpelli Literature Production Centre, 1982)

29.5 × 21 cm | Cat. no: 68-24