Kuwarddewardde, the Stone Country

The Arnhem Land plateau is an ancient and forbidding landscape of layered sandstone, cut deeply by gorges and crevasses. Remote and rugged, it is one of the most inaccessible and least disturbed environments left on earth.

Aboriginal people have lived here for more than 60,000 years, taking full advantage of the waterholes and springs, seasonal creeks and rivers, and abundant plants and animals. Their extraordinary artistic record, adorning the walls and ceilings of thousands of rock shelters, in unparalleled.

In spite of irrevocable changes wrought by Europeans, Indigenous people continue to manage large parts of Arnhem Land as thoughtfully and efficiently as their forebears.

In Kuwarddewardde, the Stone Country author and photographer David Hancock provides revealing insights into how Bininj Aboriginal people are looking after their country in central and western Arnhem Land.

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